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What about Teatritis maybe
you don't know

I know one tooactor from Zbraslav, should I ask him...?

The Teatritis ensemble was created by a targeted collection of itinerant actors during 2017 in connection with the release of Šárka Pichrtová's original comedy "Reforma".

Since the success of this drama performance significantly exceeded our expectations in terms of attendance, ovation and number of performances, instead of fading artistic tendencies, we decided to expand our portfolio with another play in 2020.

Director's choicePaul fell on the theatrical adaptation of Woody Allen's film comedy "The Curse of the Jade Scorpion". And lo and behold, here too our conception of this story met with a very warm reception from the audience. 

We are currently trying to go back to the "pre-viral" era and become more "viral".

We would like to expand our repertoire with more games and also increase frequency  of our performances.

In connection with this, the Teatritis troupe became an official theater association in August 2022.

This status should help us expand our theater activity, especially with regard to the possibility of obtaining financial support from grants, donations and other sources, not just from ticket sales.

Outside of our home scenetheater Na Prádleupon agreement, we are also willing to perform elsewhere, for example in the form of hosting or a tour. So if you would be interested in seeing us sometime somewhere near you,write us!

Know that the members of our ensemble can in some cases induce comedy or rather tragedy just on the basis of their innate characteristics.

O nas
Our file

The Teatritis ensemble is made up of a diverse sample of human society, or at least we believe that all individuals are. Whether yes or not, we are all united by the joy of art, creation and humor, the sometimes inhuman truth. 

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